Hello everybody!
I registered here because I have a problem with my 80GB iPod. I was on iTune on my computer to put some new song on it and when I ejected it (i waited enough time for it to eject properly), all my music was gone. I reinitialized it by pressing "OK"(central button) and "MENU" at the same time untill the apple logo appeared. Then, all my music was back.
However, when I listen to my ipod, songs change randomly or pause in the middle and start back at the begining without me touching it (even if I lock it with "HOLD").
I tried to reinitialize it again but it didn't work.
I couldn't find any good/clear solution online or on this forum.

I don't know what to do. It would ennoye me to have to restore it because then I would loose some music that was on my old computer and that I do not have anymore.

Does anybody has any solution other than restore?

I might also bring it to the apple store (do you think they could do anything?).

Please understand that I do not know much about technology so if you could make it clear and simple it would be nice.

Thank you!