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    Unhappy Help with itouch 1g 3.1.2 Jailbreak
    Okay, I need to get a non-userland jailbreak to run a Cydia app. I have tried just about everything. Pwnagetool, blackra1n, and redsn0w. So I get Cydia but when I open it it loads and then says it could not find all the sources that it currently had. No sources could be retrived. And it does the samething with all of the 3 programs I mentioned before. Then I close Cydia, open it again, and it just has a black background and reloads forever. Where as the first time I opened Cydia it got to the Cydia home, poped up with a message saying it could not find anything, and then started reloading forever.

    Please leave a reponse if you know what is wrong/what I can do.
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    if you had earlier jailbreaked your ipod and then restored to new version from apple wont jailbreak again....if this is the case....i did it and regret it.....

    never ever jailbreak and then upgrade...

    if you use blackrain and other it will do all the process but in the end do you have something of green sort with loader written...
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    try using spirit jb

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    i did not know this about updating and trying to jailbreak again. SO much for wififofum.... Glad to know that before I tried anything though.....

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