Hey there,

I recently dug up my old iPod that I haven't used in years and managed to get it working again. I have only been using my iPhone 4 in conjunction with iTunes for sometime now, but have now set up this old iPod to use as a "car aux input slave". It's a 20gb iPod, model number A1059, it syncs with iTunes fine and I am able to transfer music to and from it no problem, but I've been having some trouble trying to get the play counts from the iPod to register in my iTunes. According to iTunes, the iPod software is up to date (it is running software version 3.1.1).

The only theories I can come up with is that the iPod is simply "too old" and incompatible with the current versions of iTunes to be able to sync the play count to my library. I can click on the "music" tab under my old iPod when it is synced and see that the play counts represent how many times I've listened to the corresponding songs on the actual iPod, combined with the aply counts from my library when the song was transferred to the iPod. Yet these counts just don't get added to the play counts in my music library on iTunes upon syncing.

Sorry if this is all a bit long winded, but I wanted to be as thorough as possible. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!