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    My iPod Won't Play Any Sound.
    Hi. I'm Nathan and I'm new here. I joined because I need some help with my iPod Touch.

    I have a 16GB 2nd Gen iPod Touch. I got it Christmas 08 and its latest all kinds of bumps and scrapes, but recently things have been going wrong. One morning after syncing it before college it stopped playing any sound. I couldn't play songs, preview songs on iTunes, watch videos, nothing. Every time I pressed for a song to play, it flashed up the artwork but then went off just as quick as it came on. I reset it, restored it, everything and nothing worked. I randomly reset after a few hours and it started working fine. A few weeks later and problem has start again except every time I reset or restore the problem still persists and has been for the past few days now.

    Is there anyone who has had this issue and managed the solve it?

    - apologises if this page is in the wrong section!!

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    This is the correct forum to post. It sounds like your iPod Touch has some problems. First, make sure the battery in it is OK and will take a normal charge. If the battery is failing and not holding its charge very long, the symptoms you describe will happen.

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    My battery isn't as strong as it used to be but that was bound to happen overtime as it aged, it can still go days without charging. However, if it is the battery then what is the next step?

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