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    Unhappy New iPod Nano(5G) Not Recognized by iTunes
    I just got a new iPod Nano for Christmas(my first-ever iPod brand MP3 player) and iTunes won't recognize it. I've tried plugging it in with no other USB devices present, I've tried restarting the computer, I've reformatted the iPod(though not via the hold select/home doesn't seem to do anything when I try that; instead there was an option to format the memory under advanced settings), I'm just clueless as to how to get everything to work properly.

    Although iTunes doesn't recognize the device, Finder does and it appears on my desktop. I've manually added music, but issues occur such as the fact that the album art won't show up that way(and music is mismatched).

    Can anyone help me? -Also I have iTunes ver. 10.1.1-

    These are other issues I'm having, but not as major as the title problem:
    -Can't figure out how to set music to shuffle.
    -Where's the "hold" button? Is it also the on/off switch?
    -After I switch my iPod to turn it off, I can't turn it back on unless I plug it into the computer.

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    It seems you have a bad iPod. If it is still under warranty you can take it to the Apple store and get it replaced free of charge. If not, then just call Apple or some other 3rd party company to get some info about what might be wrong. Did who ever bought it for you buy it used from eBay?

    I find the other minor problems you have listed below more of a concern. iPods should turn off and on without needing them plugged into the computer.

    Try rebooting your computer and plugging in the iPod for about 2 hours. Try everything again. If that doesn't work then your outta luck.

    Sorry your having such a bad exp. with your iPod.


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