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    Nov 27, 2010
    Unhappy iPod Touch gen4 won't sync to / not recognised by iTunes
    i just bought a new itouch gen4, and when i plugged it in to my macbook, it only charges, and won't appear in my iTunes (i was using version 10.1). then i tried downgrading it to iTunes 10.0 and it worked. it synced and appeared on iTunes.

    but when i tried to sync it again after a few days of that last first sync, the same thing happened again; it won't appear on iTunes and wouldn't sync! i already tried restarting my macbook, both soft & hard reseting my ipod but it still won't sync

    please help! i'm in frustration here when will i ever sync my ipod properly and without any difficulties? i would really, really reallllly appreciate your help. thanks!

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    Nov 28, 2010
    iPod Touch

    I have sort of the same problem as you, and was up late last night trying to fix it, what might solve your's is holding the centre button down, connecting the cable, and holding the button until iTunes picks it up.

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