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    Question What should i get ipod touch 4th gen or iphone 4?
    Should i get ipod touch 4th generation or the iphone 4?
    Your probably thinking, oh is this guy stupid or what!? but read the situation first.
    Im 15 years of age living in the uk and i have just got a blackberry cuve and i like it but it gets on my nerves on how slow it is at times. I have been relying on my ipod video (yes i know its old) since my ipod touch 2nd gen doesnt work due to water damage. I know the ipod touch 4th gen and the iphone 4 are pretty much the same apart from the phone bit now but im scared if i am to but the ipod touch that apple will bring one out one next year (as they usually do) with a better camera and more features. I know they will do the same with the iphone but for some reason it doesnt bother me :S. I know if i was to get an iphone i would have to start working to pay for the monthly contract where as i would if i was to get the ipod i wouldnt have to start working. So therefore is the iphone 4 worth working for or should i buy the ipod touch 4th gen now and buy the iphone 5 next year when it will be very likely that ill be working by then?

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    You might as well wait for the iPhone10 because it is going to have the most incredible features you have ever imagined!

    But seriously, when you mix rapidly evolving technology with marketing, what you end up with is a situation where you will never have the final version of anything... ever! Get what you want now and enjoy it now because no one, except for this guy, knows when the new phone will come out and what features it will have... and he's not talking!

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    If you have a phone that you can use for calling/texting capabilities, then keep it and get the iPod Touch. Skype to Skype calls (no video chat... yet) work on the iPod Touch if you know someone who has that. Look up Skype in the app store.
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    If you find the Blackberry slow, it may be just the speed of your connection. For instance, surfing the web on a 3G phone signal is going to be very slow. An iPod Touch won't do it at all, and the iPhone would probably be just as slow.

    Also, the idea of working just to support your technology habit is a bad cycle to get into. I'd say keep the Blackberry, or even downgrade it to make the phone plan even cheaper, and get the Touch for everything else. The Touch makes a pretty good portable e-book reader and game console too, and not $100+ monthly bill to go along with it.

    Some day, when you've got your career job and are raking in a bunch more money and can afford this more easily, the iPhone 10 WILL be out and the phone service/hardware will be even better than it is now.
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    Even as an adult in their 30's, for me, it makes more sense to have a cheaper cellphone and an iPod touch to go along with it. I tried the iPhone 4, liked it a lot, but couldn't really justify paying the bill when I have a perfectly functional phone/texting/basic internet cellphone for $25 a month. Anything fancier and I have the touch. It's really a smart way to go. If you have to figure out how to pay for something, or alter your life in some way in order to pay for something, it's probably not a smart move.

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    Don't put yourself in the pressure of working to pay for the bills. Buy an iPod Touch 4th Gen and be happy with what you have. iPhones improve each year so there is no point in waiting.

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    ok thanks for the all replies guys, they helped a lot, ill keep the blackberry and get the ipod touch x

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