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    I Pod touch - photos issue

    I actually have a Windows 64 bit Windows 7 OS so don't shout !

    I have the following issue with my I poid touch 16gb, with regard to photos syncing

    I have not syncd my IPod touch (IPT) recently and having done this the other day, I've had continued issue. Here's where i'm at :-

    Had issue with I Tunes(IT) 9, I restored the device and no results, so upgarded to IT10, and tried to re sync, with similar music, films etc.

    This worked fine with music, film and apps, but i cannot get my pictures on there, i have made IT look at the folder dir. to where I keep all my folders. I tried syncing with one folder, my wedding folder, this has 390 photos ! and it took forever, so I re connected as it keeps freezing ( this is an ongoing issue as well ) when I try to eject and now I only selcted a folder with 1 photos, tell me this should be quick? this seems to be syncing forever as well.

    Why is this? should I try to back grade to IT9 or even IT8, or is there an issue with the touch, any advice would be helpfull.

    Ps i'm just about to try my IPhone4 with the same IT10, to see if there are any issues here. I also have this issue with photos, here, and it freezes when i try to eject again.....I may go back to I tunes 9 is no luck, i may try to do a virus scan tomorrow and clean the registry etc etc.

    Awating a reply, if not i may have to call Apple helpline on Monday. Thanks


    Fingers crossed


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    I am afraid I can't help but just wanted to let you know that I too am having similar issues with photos on my ipod Touch (I am using Windows Vista). I had to visit to my local Genius Bar last weekend (for the fifth time because of issues with my Touch) and things have not improved! I have completed the Customer Survey that they sent me so I will await their response and if they have anything to suggest will let you know but if you find an address to complain to, I would be grateful if you would share the information.

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    Might I suggest restoring the iPod touch?

    If all else fails, time to buy a new iPod touch!
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