I just run AutoUpdate yesterday and one of the few things I downloaded was (I think) a Firmware update for my 4th gen iPod.

It downloaded, installed, and told me to connect the iPod to an external power source to charge, and I obliged.

Tonight, I hook the iPod back up to my Powerbook, and all of a sudden, my Top 40 play count now has numbers like this: -1093780839, -1097472073, and hundreds more in that area. My top played song was 52. Some tracks have maintained their count, but something close to 1/2 of them are completely ridiculous.

My play count, dear friends, is very important to me. I'm here to ask: has this happened to anyone else? Is there a code I can break here to be able to restore these play counts to the original status (i.e., do the numbers mean anything, or are they totally random)? I have a few-months-old library saved as an .xml file, but when I "Import" it, it doesn't bring play counts with it - can I do that? Also, does anyone have the "Add/Subtract Play Count" AppleScript? It used to be up on Doug's, but I can't find it anymore.

Thanks, all!