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    Ipod Battery problems
    Im a newbie I just bought an ipod. when i first charged it, it said it was fully charged after just an hour and after using the ipod for an hour the battery has gone down by a third this isnt right surely, can anyone advise me as i think i may have to take the ipod back to the shop i bought it from. also when its connected to the pc the battery doesnt charge. The power lead that came with it uses firewire then it charges ok, the connection to pc is usb 2.0 then it doesnt charge maybe it needs to be firewire from computer, can someone clarify this please. thanks in advance to your responses.

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    It should charge through USB2, make sure you have the latest firmware on there though.

    Download the iPod software updater from and run that to make sure you have the version 3.1 on your iPod.

    As for the battery: When you first get the iPod, there is already some charge on there, so it wouldn't have to charge so long at first.

    Apple suggests charging all the way and then running the battery all the way down to get the battery meter set up properly, maybe try that?

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    It takes four or five charge/discharge cycles before the battery will work normally. This is normal for batteries like the iPod uses. Once it has been through several full discharge/charge cycles it will stabilize.

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    Like Bager said, it needs to go through a few charge cycles. Just make sure you run your battery all the way down before charging it for the first five or so times.

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    Many thanks for your comments its starting to make sense now. i will do as you suggest and run battery from full to empty for about 5 charges and see how it goes. thanks again. i wish i knew about other apple products before now as i would have bought a mac rather than a pc. may get a powerbook laptop and then i'll probably have queries about that LOL in the relevant forum......NLightand.One

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