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    Voice recording : Lectures
    Afternoon all.

    I am about to start uni in sept/oct and have a 3G iPod that may come in useful.

    Unfortunatly most unis over here still havent cottoned on to the podcasting lectures idea.

    So I was wondering how well people here have recorded their lectures using their iPods and 3rd party accessories?

    I know its very possible just want to know of other peoples experiences and problems before I waste 30quid of beer money on a microphone adapter thingy.

    Thanks for looking.

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    You could install linux on your ipod. With this you can record without any third party adapters. The recording quality is much better with linux as well.

    You don't even need a microphone you can use your left ear bud.

    I think it will work on the 3G ipod.

    Edit: The installation process is non-destructive so you shouldn't lose anything already on your ipod.

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    hmm but you might want to use a microphone to record a lecture

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    i would suggest against using the left earbud mic idea. there are plenty of good third party mics. the quality is much better from a mic that is not a (cheap) stock earbud. here is what i would suggest-

    -if you have your own mic, or want to use an external one

    -belkin mic

    -griffin italk, i have used this and would use it in your situation

    for more go here and scroll down to mics.

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    Right. Already have iPod linux. Geeks UNITE!

    Though havnt used it as doesnt play music very well (sic). As soon as they get MP3 playback nailed I think i'll be switching.

    Thanks for the suggestions, but has anyone here actually tried it?

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    About the "Left Ear bud" thing. I was just saying you could use it not that you should.

    I used the recording function a few times and it works very well but you do want to get a good mic. Also I don't think there is any power management for linux so the battery gets drained quickly.

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