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    Lightbulb iPod Touch 4.0 Problem Solution - Photos not showing in library
    My friend and I upgraded our iPod Touches to Software Version 4.0. We were syncing our photos and what-not then when we went to check if the photo interface changed, we noticed on both of our iPods (iPod Touch 3G MC Model) the photos weren't showing up and it said there weren't any photos in the library yet. We then found the Wallpaper option in the Settings menu. We found all of our photos there but didn't know why they weren't showing up in the library. After fiddling around with the new software I had taken a screenshot and when I went into my photo library to view it, all my photos were there. I also deleted the screenshot and it's as it should be.

    Hope this solution helps for anyone who might have had the same problem as we did.


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    I've got the same problem as you did. I don't understand the part about the screenshot... Please help me out, thanks

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