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Thread: iPod Touches?

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    iPod Touches?
    Well since the new iphone is basically gonna come up soon (this year anyway) I'm wondering if the ipod touches will have a revision? If the new touches come out would it be a vast upgrade from the current touches? I was looking into the current 8GB model (which is really a 2G touch) sure, its not as fast, or as good in the graphics dept. or holds as much as the 3GS models but I mean... does the speed really make a difference? I'm gonna use it mostly for music/browser/apps thats it... movies and games meh.. not really. Are there big significant changes that is worth the extra $100 difference? (I really hope that the current case stays, I don't really dig the blocky new iphone case)Can you really spot the difference between these two models? OR.. if the new touches do come out I could snag a current 32GB model off amazon at a lower price that the $300?

    what do you guys think?

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    Don't forget you will not get all of the features of the soon to be released iPhone OS 4. Multitasking may be a want for you, and of that is the case then you may be better off waitig until either you can afford a 16gb or they release the next iPod touch (likely in September).

    I have used both an iPhone 3g and my 3rd gen touch, I can definitely tell you I saw a noticeable performance difference. The touch was much more responsive and though there are more components in the iPhone, it was quite a noticeable difference.
    I dumped my iPod touch for a Samsung Galaxy S phone. I like my expandable memory and flash support

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    cad2blender, I had the exact same question, so here's what I did.

    I don't know if you're a member at Costco, or know anyone who is, but they are selling the iPod Touch 32GB for $279.99+tax, but right now, they have them on sale for $13.00 off, so the price is $266.99+tax.

    But, here's the best part. They accept returns on opened iPods (and other electronics), with the receipt for up to 90 days. So, I have until the end of July 2010 to decide if I want to keep this iPod touch or return it. So, if they release a new version or if they even announce a new version and I decide I'd rather have it, I can return it before the end of July and buy the new one. Also, since it sounds like a new iPod touch is coming out soon, if it gets to the end of July and nothing has been announced, I'm planning to return my new iPod touch and buy it again, so that my 90 days starts over again.

    That's how I've resolved this dilemma. Hopefully my plan works.

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