So i installed snow leopard. got new jams. tried to sync my ipod. itunes said 'error, restore.' so i restored my ipod, synced. message came up about re-authorizing (which when i go to store>authorize, i get another error message and cant play certain songs but thats off topic. ill start a new thread about that later). anyway the ipod synced all my songs. 25 gigs. into audio. i unplug my ipod and click music on it and it says there is none. i go to 'about' on my ipod and see 25 the 'other' category. with audio being zero. very strange. i synced again. at the end of the sync it says 25 gigs audio, 25 other. i unplug. check ipod. 50 gigs other. i restored the ipod to factory settings and tried again making sure ipod isnt in disk mode or any other random setting. i cannot get it to play music. anyone know the cause? or more importantly, the solution?