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    Playlists menu does not appear on iPod

    My boss asked me to create a bunch of playlists on her iPod for her to use for courses she teaches. She has an iPod classic, which I believed she purchased sometime last year. I created the playlists she requested in iTunes. I plugged in her iPod to sync the newly created playlists and all seemed successful. In iTunes, the playlists show up as also existing on the iPod, so I can assume that they were successfully copied onto the iPod.

    However, for some bizarre reason the playlists menu doesn't show up on the iPod itself, so there is no way to access the playlists on the iPod. What on earth?! I am very familiar with iPods and have never experienced a missing playlists menu, so I am utterly confused.

    I've already tried resetting the iPod, which didn't do anything. I've also tried to create playlists on the iPod rather than in iTunes and it hasn't resolved anything.

    HELP! Thanks in advance.

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    Mar 29, 2010
    I have resolved the problem and wanted to share in case anyone else encounters the same problem.

    I called Mac support and they were also confused by the problem, so I guess it's not very common. Simply restoring the iPod to its factory settings and re-syncing everything fixed it though. I don't know what on earth my boss possibly could've done to the iPod to screw it up in the first place as from what I understand she barely even uses it, but at least it was easy to fix. Yayyyyyy

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