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Thread: IPod Nano incompatible with OSX?

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    IPod Nano incompatible with OSX?
    I bought my wife an IPod Nano for her birthday a few days ago, to replace an older IPod Classic that weve shared for years. She tried plugging it in today to her (Apple) computer, for the first time. She is having problems, in that it fails to connect, because it appears that her MacOS 10.3.9 is out of date, and not compatible with the Nano. Were not sure whether the incompatibility is with the computer, or ITunes.

    Its not as though we have OS 9, or earlier, which would make a bit more sense, but surely IPods should be at least some ways backwards compatible with earlier software? Seems a pretty poor show.

    Or are we failing to resolve something here?

    Has anyone got any clues as to a fix for the problem, (other than going out and buying another 1000 Applemac?) Any help will be appreciated.

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    Unfortunately, the new Nano's require 10.4.11 & iTunes 9.

    Upgrading your system from Panther to Tiger or Leopard would be less expensive than a new system.
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    Can the new OS be installed on top of the old, or does it require a completely new installation, then adding programmes and data again thereafter?

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    I recommend an "Archive and Install," which replaces the old system folder entirely but leaves your apps and data completely untouched.

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