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    New ipod touch question-start up screen

    I bought a 32G ipod touch at Costco today. When I brought it home and turned it on, a black line appeared through the white apple at start up. When it gets to the home screen, there is no longer a black line. Is this normal or should I bring it back and exchange it for a new one? I have tried turning it on and off, and each time there is a black line through the apple (it almost looks like a crack), but the home screen appears normal. Thanks so much for any help you can give me.

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    What version software is running on it. Did they sell it with 3.1.3 ?? If not update to that and see what happens. You have time to return it so play with it for a while and if it doesnt meet your expectations return it within there policy time frame ....

    I love mine and never had problems

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    Any chance you can post a pic?

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