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Thread: Using mobile phone's internet connection

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    Using mobile phone's internet connection
    Just a random thought.

    I really like the internet interface on my ipod touch, but obviously I can only use that when I'm near a wi-fi source.

    I've just got a Samsung i8910 mobile which again is very good and provides me with internet access via HSDPA internal modem.

    The only problem is that the Samsung apps aren't great.

    I was wondering whether I could use the bluetooth connection on my ipod, to connect with my phone, so that I can get mobile internet that way.

    What do you think? Any hints?

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    Unfortunately no - the iPod can only connect up by joining another 802.11b/g WiFi network, not via Bluetooth. Perhaps there's a jailbreak app that can do such a thing but I haven't looked into that yet.

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    Try Joikuspot light.Joiku - JoikuSpot Light

    It's free and runs on Symbian devices, and IIRC the i8910 is a Symbian S60 device.

    joikuspot turns your wi-fi enabled phone into a wireless access point which connects to the net via your phone's HSDPA/3G/GPRS connection.

    Start Joikuspot on the phone, and then look for wi-fi access points on your ipod Touch. You will see the Joikuspot access point. Connect to this as you would any wi-fi hot spot and you are away. The light version of the software will always send you to a start up page every time you connect, but this is only a minor annoyance. The premium paid for version doesn't do this.

    The other thing with Joikuspot is that you can connect more than one device.
    Be careful in busy areas that you turn on the security as others could connect to you and use your data allowance.

    This software works great on my N97 Mini, another S60 device, so it should be fine on your Samsung.

    How do you find the i8910? I very nearly got one, but I decided on the Nokia N97 mini instead. The 97 was a tad cheaper and I know my way around Nokias

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    I believe there's a more mainstream device called MiFi that does this -- takes a cellular data plan and turns it into a small wifi hotspot so that other devices (like the iPod Touch or the iPad) could use it.

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    I've read about MiFi, but it's a seperate box and requires another contract/fee.
    Joiku uses what you already have, so if you have a data plan on your phone you don't need anything else. I get 500MB on my phone contract so I wouldn't want to pay for another device. Also, you have to carry this other device around. There's a good chance the OP would have his phone and his iPT with him most of the time.

    I can see a lot of uses for MiFi. These USB sticks are great but they don't work on phones and iPods. MiFi will, so they could come in handy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dazcaz View Post
    I've read about MiFi, but it's a seperate box and requires another contract/fee.
    Yes its a separate box, but no it doesn't require another contract/fee (see Andy Inhatko's review of it via Google).

    Which is not to say that Joiku isn't a good solution as well.

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