I need help, I have an old Ipod w/ over 2000 songs on it which has water damage.

If i plug it into the wall, bose dock, etc.... it works, plays music etc...

But if i plug it into my computer to tranfer the files off of the ipod, the output of power to my ipod from my computer is not enough to get it started so i can not take the files off. it only works(gives enough power to turn on) thru the wall power outlet. there must b a different power output between wall charging and computer charging....

im not tryin to salvage my ipod, only the songs(which were on a comp thats long gone)

Is there any way to increase the output of power from a comp to the ipod to get the files off???
Is the a device or accessory, that would give it the power needed to start while also giving me access to my files??????

Please Help!!!!!