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    help plz ipod is shot
    hey fellas...and ladies. OK so i have a 40 gig i pod video. its OLDDDDDDDD at least 4 years probably older it started as my moms and became my sisters and mine. last night i charged it all night while listening to it while i sleep. i woke up and did my work for the day i went back into my room to grab it it was still on. i turned it off without listening to it and put it in my pocket. i go to turn it on a little later and it wont turn on at all. i tryed pressing everything in all different combinations and nothing will turn it on. it wont turn on or even recognize it on the charger. no charge at all anymore or even a sign to turn on or charge is it shot? sorry if this makes no sense im not in the right state of mind right now.

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    So you have tried a reset then? And have you connected it to your computer?
    Sometimes the drives get stuck (mine does). A light tap on the side, usually on my knee, will often get it back running.

    Here's the guide to resetting:

    How to reset iPod
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