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    120GB iPod Classic Help
    Hi all, as you can see I'm new here but I come to you all for your help!

    I bought a 120GB iPod Classic from Costco a couple of months ago and it was fine, aside from it randomly restarting sometimes while I was playing music, but that didn't happen all too often for me to be too concerned.

    Well today when I woke up and was about to use it, it said I had no music, no videos - anything, except that it still read that I had around 42GB left, which meant all the files and stuff were in there still.

    I tried hooking it up on my computer and said I had to do a factory reset, which will essentially erase everything, so I tried hooking it up to my Mac, but it didn't show anything at all - it wouldn't even come up on iTunes.

    So now I'm stuck, not knowing what to do - I know all my music is there (roughly 80GB worth of music and videos) and I absolutely do not want to erase it.

    Does anyone know what else I can do to avoid this? I'd really appreciate the help! Thanks, all.

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    It sounds like the disk info on there is a bit scrambled.

    Surely you have all your music and videos n your computer so a factory reset and a resync should do the trick.

    If not, then you could try Senuti to see if that can see any files on there as a first step

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    Ohh, so if I do the factory reset, will there be no way to get all my music and videos back? It seems that nothing can read my iPod right now, which I know Senuti needs to do.

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    Oh, I just re-read what you said, but no - I don't have all my music on my computer, as that my Mac's hard drive capacity is only 80GB, so as soon as I get music up onto my iPod, I erase it from my computer to save space.

    So I guess I'm screwed, unless there's a way to fix that disk info you're talking about.

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    So after a couple of days of holding off on it, I decided to finally Restore my iPod and thus delete all my music, but I felt I had no choice.

    I didn't want to go crazy and put in all my music back in all at once, so I started off with a couple of albums and it seemed fine until the same thing happened again the very next day, so again I had to Restore the iPod but this time I'm not putting anything back in.

    I think maybe the hard disk is damaged somehow, though I was pretty careful with it (only had it since November), so I'm just going to return it and get a 32GB iTouch instead.

    Seems no one really had any help for me, but thanks anyway.

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