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    iTunes won't open when iPod is connected
    I just bought an iPod yesterday(4th gen 20GB), I put songs on it and everything worked fine. Today, when I connected the iPod to my computer, iTunes automatically opened and then I got an error and iTunes closed.

    This is the error signature:

    AppName: itunes.exe AppVer: ModName: itunes.exe
    ModVer: Offset: 0019db02

    It keeps opening and closing until I end the itunes.exe process in Windows Task Manager. This only happens when the iPod is connected, when it's not, iTunes works perfectly. I updated iTunes and it still does the same thing.

    Also, I disconnected the iPod and turned it on and the music wasn't showing. Then I reconnected it and in "HiPod_Control\Music", the music is still there. Also, in the iPod properties, it says that 13.2 GB is used. The music is still on it but I just can't find it on the iPod.

    Anyone now what I can do to make iTunes work again?

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    You will probably find more people who can help in a windows forum, somebody might know here
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