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    My iPod survived the toilet!
    So I have a 8GB purple iPod nano (not the brand new ones, the one before that without the video camera)

    The other day I cleverly dropped it down into the (clean) toilet while it was turned on. I obviously panicked, but then dried it with a towel, and turned it off. I left it near a radiator for about 10 minutes and turned it back on - apparently I wasn't supposed to do this because it can short? Buttt I saw there was a puddle of water under the screen, oh dear.

    So I buried my iPod deep in a bowl of dry rice (thankyou ASDA smartprice rice!), for two days.

    I got it out, and was scared at first because it wouldn't turn on - apparently it had a dead battery, so now it's fully charged and alive! I'm amazed and impressed.

    I thought I'd post this to definitely recommend the rice thing if you damage your iPod with water - it worked for me!

    Happy seems that my iPod is waterproof!

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    Nice one. I know one or two people who's iPod's should be flushed down the toilet, such is their appalling taste in music

    What you did was good though. It worked for a friend who had the same mishap with his 5th Gen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevriano View Post
    I know one or two people who's iPod's should be flushed down the toilet, such is their appalling taste in music
    hahah i can agree with this.

    So the rice trick actually works? Fortunately, I've never been in a situation like this, but it's good to keep in mind as a safety net.

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    Best... Thread... Ever.

    FYI, you're not alone. My girlfriend poured Mike's Hard Lemonade all over her Blackberry last month. After she tried that trick with the uncooked rice pellets, the Blackberry regained most of its functionality. Its touchscreen is still a little sluggish, though. I guess you're just never the same after Mike has been all over you.

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    The rice works! My son's iPod Touch ran through a FULL cycle in the wash machine, and half a cycle of the dryer before his mother heard something bouncing around. We figured it was a hard lesson, but after a week in the zip lock bag of uncooked rice, a battery charge, it returned to full capability!!! The battery life might have suffered slightly, but this may just be coincidence as he uses his Touch constantly. My kudos to both the rice trick inventors, and to Apple for building such a robust device!

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