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Thread: Itouch won't restore

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    Itouch won't restore
    Hey guys,

    Lately My Itouch 32 gig 3rd gen has basically stalled. After a typical syncing, a message appeared stating that the ipod couldn't sync. I then went through the resetting procedure for the itouch and followed the pertinent steps (holding sleep/wake + home button, releasing sleep/wake button when apple icon appears, etc.) and reached the screen on itunes with the restoring to factory settings and updating. After this finishes and my itouch is functional but with no content, I choose to restore it to a previous backup, but an error message 0xe800001 occurs and now my ipod is as good as a paper wall.

    I've searched the web and perused multiple solutions but have had no success. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Have you attempted to restore as 'NEW" and then just resync to load content ? It may very well be that you have a corrupted back-up file. Try hat and if its a no go then its a trip to the apple store....


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    Try creating a new identity for your computer, reboot.

    Plug in your iTouch and follow the suggestions offered by iTunes (can't quite remember, but it installed the iPod operating system again)

    Log back in as you, and sync with iTunes again and I think you'll find it works again - it may need to restore the iPod, but let it, that's OK.

    I had a similar fault and this sorted it out. You can delete the alter ego once the iTouch is working.
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