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    how to export ipod library file?
    I need to consolidate the basic song information from my MacBook, my iPod classic (80GB) and an iPod 5G (80GB). I do NOT want to transfer the songs to my laptop--only the basic song information.

    Basically, I need to export a library file in xml from each of the 2 iPods as I have already done for the MacBook's iTunes library. Then I can consolidate the libraries, have all of my song info in one place, identify and deal with duplicates, triplicates, misspellings, etc.

    After a good bit of research, I'm fairly certain that iTunes won't do it for me. (Why not???). If I am wrong, please correct me, and direct me toward the iTunes solution.

    If Apple isn't the solution, what other applications will do this for me? I do not care about retaining much more info in the exported files for each song than title, album, artist--a basic catalog. (Not genres, play counts, playlists, etc.) Free is always better, but I am willing to invest a modest amount to accomplish this.

    I did try KavaTunes, but I have been unable to get it to build libraries from the iPods, only iTunes--big deal! Repeated emails to their tech support have been ignored.

    This seems like it should be a simple procedure. What am I missing??

    Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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    Sorry but if the music is on your ipods , didnt it come from your computer ? Then you already have said list encompassed in the list of your itunes libaray do you not ? That list shoud be the exact info that is transfered to the ipods so any dups or misspellings are on the list in your hands.

    of-course I have been wrong before

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    I'm trying to avoid a long story here, but I'll share, as a morality story for others. My entire library was on an iMac in my office in a university library (1st My Bad). I didn't have a personal computer, as the library provided me with a laptop to take home. The 5G iPod is mine, but did not have the entire library on it (2nd My Bad). In December 2008, I and over 100 of my colleagues were suddenly laid off, no advance warning, no time to plan (University Bad). While we were attending a meeting to get the news, our access to the campus network was turned off, so I lost the most complete instance of my library. I think you can see the moral here...

    Anyway, I now have a MacBook, and the iPod Classic is my husband's, and we'd like to get a combined list of what we have. Seemed like a simple thing, until we started trying to do it--three days ago now!!!

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