Anyone familiar with this problem: I have a Mazda accessory iPod adapter in my Miata. This adapter is universally disliked because it's such a pain to use. No control over anything from the iPod, you're stuck with blindly selecting playlists and stepping though tracks (I know I'm not explaining this very well). My salvation occurred when someone posted (Miata forum) how to "force quite" the iPod, and how that would return full control to the iPod when attached to the adapter. It worked great--until I upgraded the iPod software to 3.X. I believe I'm on 3.1.2 now (1st gen touch, 8 GB). I tried the new force quit technique for the 3G iPhone, and it doesn't return control either. I feel that there must be a way to regain the control that I once had. Is it possible or advisable to revert to an earlier version of the sw? Can I see what the new software was designed to do (reference on Apple site somewhere?). Thanks for any help.