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    Exclamation ipod touch 2G sleep/wake button is stuck PLEASE HELP!!
    Okay so here is the deal, I was outside playing basketball listing to my ipod touch 2G on my iHome and it started to sprinkle... so i put my ipod and iHome under cover and put something there to protect said items, well what i think what happened is water got inside my ipod's sleep/wake button and now its all gay so when i push it, it is acting like I'm holding it and goes to the shut off screen....
    I have restored it rest it the whole nine but nothing works... i dont have the warranty on it because my year is up...
    any ideas???

    ill love you forever if you help me....................

    Oh and now I have to press it hard to get it to work... its getting better

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    The warranty wouldnt have helped you any way as it doesnt cover water damage . I would suggest turning it off for a couple of days and let it dry out real good and see what happens. If it doesnt come back to life I know of nothing that will reverse water damage. With that said if it is gone then I would bet a new one is cheaper then the fix.


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