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    How to transfer music from external hard drive to Ipod?

    My powerbook g4 has 3.67 gigs available. Over 60 gigs of music is stored on my external hard drive. All I want to do is transfer my 60 gigs of music from my external hard drive directly to my Ipod.

    It seems the only way to do this is to tediously transfer about 3 gigs of music to my itunes, sync, delete from my computer and continue the process over and over till all my music is on my Ipod. This is too much annoying work. I would rather find another way around.

    There has to be a way to simply transfer my 60 gigs from my external hard drive to my 160gb Ipod Classic.

    Is there any software, hacks, or tricks to make the transfer? Any help would make my day.

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    The following artical will walk you thru having your iTunes library on an ex hdd once you have that you will be able to sync your iPod without placing your music on you Mac.

    Transferring your iTunes Library | iLounge Article

    Hope it helps

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