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    Iphone 3G black adhesive replacement ?
    I just recently replaced the screen on my White 16 Gig Iphone 3G. During the 'tear down' I managed to regrettably remove some of the black seal that is around the phone. iPhone works great, however I have noticed that without the glue some dirt makes it way under the screen. I can open it up and wipe it down but that's not ideal. What kind of adhesive can I use to seal this back up ? I'm sure there is something common that can be used here.

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    I'm really surprised nobody has an answer to what I thought was an easy question.

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    Not many people have the cohonies to tear apart thier iPhone and iPods!

    But to answer your question, you can get a black silicon adhesive from an auto parts store. Don't get anything petrolium based...

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