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    Ipod Touch dock for stereo with no audio input

    My girlfriend has an Ipod touch and a stereo, obviously. she wants to play the music from the Ipod through the speakers of the stereo, nothing unusual there most people do. However, the stereo is relatively cheap and doesn't have an auxiliary in. I was wondering if anyone knew of a dock or similar system for playing the music from the Ipod through the speakers by directly connecting the two or something similar?

    Any comments or suggestions welcome look forward to hearing back.


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    If there's any kind of input jacks on the back (RCA type jacks), the answer is yes. I have a Belkin iPod dock/wall charger that seems to work great. There are other docks around that connect in a similar manner, but this one only costs about $30 through Amazon. As the name suggests, it will also charge the iPod as it plays, which is nice. Not absolutely certain to work with your gf stereo, as different inputs have different specs. But if there are RCA jacks on the back for connecting anything like a tape deck, turntable, etc, it's worth a try.

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