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    iPod is disappearing from desktop after synchronisation
    I have a question. I'd like to use my iPod as a external harddisc like other ppl use in my school but when I plug in my ipod to my Mac it starts to synchronize and as soon as it is finished the ipod is dissapearing from my desktop. Its only there as long as the synchronisation is going (which is like 10 seconds). The iPod is still showing in my iTunes tho. I have to remove it manually. Why is it disappearing from my desktop and how can I change that?

    I have an iPod Classic 120G. I dont know what generation but I got it a year ago at christmas. I have a MacBook OS X 10.5.8 and iTunes 9.0.2.

    Is there even something to change or is it simply impossible? I just know that a guy in my class is using his iPod as a external harddisc and he has an older iPod then me. But he's using Windows instead.

    Edit: Oh and I also tried it with my new iPod Touch but that ones not even showing on my desktop at all.

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    iPod Touch doesn't support disc use natively. For your Classic, go into iTunes and click on the iPod. On the Summary tab towards the bottom you should have a check box to use it for storage, and how much space you want to use can be adjusted with the slider bar.
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    oh awesome, it worked. It's so obvious...I should have seen it. Thanks for your help

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