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    Question Iphone 3gs backup
    Hi everyone. I make sure to always back up my iphone but what happens if my iphone gets lost/stolen and I need to retrieve information that was on it but I cant buy another iphone for a few weeks. Is there some other way you can acccess what you backed up on your computer? Also, is there someway to automatically back up the iphone from the actual phone itself?


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    It depends on what info you want that was on the phone. Contacts, Mail, Calenders, pics, music, notes, apps etc can all be set to sync through iTunes and all will be available on the computer you sync the phone with (assuming it's a Mac, not sure about Windows as I don't use it with my phone). If you synced them with iTunes, your info is there.

    As for syncing from the phone itself, you can sync most of the above remotely if you have Apple MobileMe service and syncing setup. It won't sync apps though. It will sync calenders and contacts mainly, along with some e-mail. Also, with MobileMe you can locate your phone if it's turned on (Geographic position displayed on a map) and you can remotely wipe your phone so whoever took it can't get your data.

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    How much does MobileMe cost?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lion227 View Post
    How much does MobileMe cost?
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