I've seen lots of posts about this, and the general consensus is "Yes, you can". But I'm still a little unsure on some issues. Wonder if anyone can confirm theses.

I live in the UK but currently working in the US for a while. Someone was nice enough to give me a discount card, so I'm thinking of buying an iPod Touch 64GB (the added bonus of games to kill some hotel boredom is a winner!).


  1. Are there any regional differences between US and UK Touch?
  2. Can I flash with the UK firmware on US touch? (I assume this will have some differences like the.co.uk and spelling etc).
  3. I assume I should wait until I'm back in UK to create/register iTunes Store account to make sure it's UK based (I know they sell different stuff sometimes for licensing reasons)?
  4. Can I get UK support for US bought Touch?

Anything else I should know before buying?

Thanks in advance!