Hi, I'm a brand new member and I've never sent in a topic before. I joined the site because I was having a problem with my itouch not syncing. It all started to go wrong yesterday (30/11/09) following the updating of the latest iphoto to 8.1.1 version. This update conflicts with an itouch if you have 'selected' photos enabled in itunes/ipod. I've had to take all photos off the itouch and uncheck all boxes in the section (itunes) before I'd isolated the problem with the sync, to this section. I then had to drag and drop the iphoto application (from the previous day) from my time machine backup, to the main applications window, hence, deleting the updated version (8.1.1) Everything now works fine again. Be warned. Mac...you need to sort this out! Hope this warning helps other itouch users.