OK so I just picked up a new iPod Classic 160GB and in my dad's car and in my car we've both had iPod adapter chords installed in order to play our iPods. The chord also connects to the bottom of the iPod.

My question is when I plug my new iPod into the car the screen that shows up is kind of odd. It's basically the same as the screen when you plug it into your computer and it says "Do Not Disconnect" and what not except there's an Apple in the little orange circle at the top and the tracks that playing at the bottom. And basically it automatically goes straight into shuffle. The wheel, the menu, the play button, and the forward and backwards buttons are all disabled, I can only change the songs through the car's steering wheel.

I was just wondering what this was all about and if anyone has any experience with the same deal. It's not all entirely bad but it is kinda of a bummer to not be able to pick up the iPod when it's plugged in and still be able to search through songs that I'd like to hear. It basically means that I can't play and entire album at once and I'm automatically stuck in shuffle no matter what. Why?

Also kind of wondering if there was a way to disable this feature or if there was any reasoning behind why this screen automatically pops up when it's attached because it certainly is not a problem with older iPods.