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    iPod earphone replacements
    Hey guys,
    I've been searching for some iPod earphone replacements for the past week or so after my old ones broke, but I can't seem to find any decent ones for under £5 anywhere. :/

    The way I go through headphones, I really don't want to be spending any more than a few pounds on them, and after getting ones from amazon (which I had to send back and ask for a refund of £5.99 because It said Mic and remote but only had a mic and didn't work for my iPod gen) I'm reluctant to buy any more online.

    I really need a decent pair. I was thinking of getting some Skullcandy in ear earphones and spending a bit more on them, but I'm really not sure if its worth it, and I would really like some of the original white apple ones, but I can't seem to find any anywhere :/ I don't want to spend £20 on them in the Apple store... and the ones that control the sound and songs don't work for my iPod... no surprises there then :/

    So can anyone suggest any earphones that will last me more than a month and have decent quality and be at a reasonable price? I know i;m asking a lot but as a student I cant spend much.


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    Hmmm...if you can find used shure in ear buds, get replacement foams, they are a great brand...

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    I grabbed some Koss earbuds a few years ago because I forgot to bring mine on a trip. They have become my favorite. They were cheap-ish it seems like. Around $10 us at the whatever that comes our to in Pounds Sterling.

    I like them because the foam helps keep out outside noise and they have good bass for such little things.

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    Check out ebay. A lot of guys sell fake apple earbuds for really cheap and they work pretty well. I go through headphones quite a bit at the gym so i know how you feel. Usually $3-4 each, and they look and sound the same.

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    I use Sennheiser earbuds and can sleep with them in my ears without discomfort. Good news is that the frequency response is very good too and the price reasonable.
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