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shaktimage 11-24-2009 08:10 AM

recharging my ipod
I recharge my new ipod (nano 4th gen 16gb) mostly with a generic usb charger (input 110/220 VAC to output 5VDC 500mamp) It doesn't show that the battery is getting charged but it does.ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT? I noticed that the full battery doesn't last 40 hours of playing music like apple said, but much less. STILL ANYTHING WRONG? Thanks!

brianwmay 11-26-2009 04:21 PM

No and No, relax you've got one of the best MP3 et al players on the market.

It's rare to get any electrical device that is battery powered to achieve laboratory results - Apple are no different, except perhaps that the hardware/software package is usually superb.

shaktimage 11-28-2009 08:00 AM

cool!... thanks!

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