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    iPod classic not appearing on itunes...after use on windows machine for disk use

    My problem is this. I have a new 160GB ipod classic. It can't be more than 2 months old. About a week ago, I let my boyfriend use it to back up his PC (I put the ipod into "disk use" on my mac). He put his files on it, got his computer fixed, and returned the files to his computer. Now, I am trying to use my ipod again. When I plug it into my mac, the desktop hard drive icon appears, but it doesn't show an Ipod and it is called "untitled". ALso, Itunes does not recognize the Ipod at all. When I try to modify the files on the Ipod to delete them or move them, I get Error Code -61 and I can't dp anything.

    I have tried:

    -restarting both the mac and Ipod many times
    -uninstalling and reinstalling itunes
    -deleting the "itunes helper" and reinstalling itunes
    -plugging the Ipod into the PC, without it being recognized as an Ipod
    -Reading many forums and posts on the internet to try and fix the problem:

    iPod not recognized in iTunes and Mac desktop
    How to fully delete iTunes 7.7 & iTunesHelper to finish Pwnage - Mac Forums
    Itunes not recognizing Ipod - What do I do [Archive] - iLounge Forums

    Please Help!! I really want to use my Ipod again, especially since it's brand new.
    - c a r l i f a c e.*

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    Install iTunes on his PC, then plug the iPod in there. The iPod is probably formatted differently at the current state.
    Then, if it recognizes it, it'll ask you if you want to erase the last iTunes library on it; click Yes. Then hit Restore.

    If it doesn't recognize it, hold the play-pause button and keep hitting the left arrow on the iPod, this will put it into a diagnostics like mode (do this when you reset the iPod). When you get there, review everything is working on the iPod (usually, it is the screen lights, sound test etc.) This will eliminate any internal problems. If it doesn't go into diagnostics mode, then it's internal.

    By the way, does the iPod even turn on, to the current iTunes library that it is on it?

    And based upon your specs, it sounds as if you need to update your Mac OS X version. Leopard is now at 10.5.8; Snow Leopard is a cheap upgrade from Apple, provided you bought your Mac after June 8, 2009

    The current version of iTunes is 9.0.2

    What version of Windows is he running?
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