Alright, so I got my 16GB 2G iPod Touch this summer, and I've recently been having a problem with the power button: It seems to have kind of sunk into the shell of the iPod, so that it's almost even with the rest of the top of the iPod. I can't turn it on/off with the button now with my case on, and even if I take the case off I have to push really hard with my fingernails and try several different places on the button in order to get it to work.

Anyway, I'm firstly curious to know if anybody's had this problem and/or has a remedy for it, but also:

If I sent in my iPod for warranty, since it seems that apple just replaces iPods when they're sent in, and my model (16GB 2G) is no longer in production, do you think they'd give me a new, 3G ipod?