alright, so i have an 80gig ipod video that does not work due to water damage and a 60 gig one that does but seems to be experiencing hard drive problems. i decided i would take the two ipods apart and replace the 60 gig hard drive with the 80 gig one. it turns out, even though both are 5th generation ipod videos, their hard drive have different manufacturers. the 80 gig is a Toshiba hard drive and the 60 gig is an Hitachi drive. so, i got the Toshiba drive out fine (flipped the little black lever connecting the ribbon cable) but absolutely could not get the Hitachi drive out. i have no idea how it's supposed to come out. i don't want to pull it too hard (even though some people have suggested this) in fear of breaking it. i thought maybe i could flip a lever like on the Toshiba drive but it doesn't seem to move.

any suggestions about this would really help.