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    Nov 12, 2009
    Replacing 3rd gen 10gig Ipod
    My 3rd gen Ipod is finally dieing.

    Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch
    I replaced the battery a few years ago and now 1 out of 10 times I sync it says it's memory is corrupt and it re-formats the hard drive or something. This works but I think it's on it's last leg. It's really been relegated to the kitchen radio and in car use for a while now.

    Which new ipod is right for me?
    My uses:
    Lately I've been using my sony phone at the Gym but its special headphone adapter is wearing out and it won't sync with itunes. (AT&T wouldn't let me get the iphone without a data plan and I just wanted a phone that plays MP3s and makes calls)
    I was doing a lot of travel for work and I got a PSP which works awesome as a video/mp3 player plus it plays (mostly crappy) games.
    I've started using the PSP as a portable web browser around the house. It works but not very well.
    I have Harman Kardon Ipod link bridge thingy for my home theater and the BMW Ipod connector in my mini. Both were big wastes of money because they just don't do a good job controlling the ipod.
    Oh yeah and I'm really cheap I'm eyeing the refurbished ipods on the apple site. I've been happy with my refurb imac.

    I was thinking about the shuffle but I really don't like that my ipod compatible stuff wouldn't work with it. Plus, there are NO buttons on the new one! What's up with that?

    The touch has lots of added features but it's larger then I'd like at the gym. Is it tough enough for the gym? My phone has fallen on the treadmill a couple times. Does the web browser work well? What would my extra $10 get me in the 2nd gen touch that I wouldn't get with the 1st gen

    Should I consider the classic or nano?

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    Sounds like the hard drive maybe dying. I replaced mine with a 20GB out of a later 3rd gen and it's like new. Just a guess.

    Also that pic is a bit large for the forums.

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    Nov 12, 2009
    sorry about the pic I just used the one on wikipedia.
    I'm not against replacing the harddrive. Where could I find one and how much will it cost? I just doubt it would be a cost effective fix and there's no guarantee that's the porblem or something else wouldn't break. Plus it works fine after syncing.
    I think its number is finally up.

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