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    Star Wars iPod Cover
    Star Wars Cover

    Personally, I love it, but I wish they had a yoda one. I also think $30 is a bit pricey.

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    I love starwars also, but I agree a little pricey. Yoda, or other colors would be cool, just ordered my iPod photo 30gig, and am looking for a cool cover.
    I think SWIII will really rock and say something about these time we live in.
    Been to every opening since he started his series.

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    tahst cool but too much $$ for me

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    Guest for star wars stuff

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    Wonder if they sell them at Target or someplace else...Those look badass. I want the Darth one, it looks awesome

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    thats total poo they're only for 4G iPods

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    I like the stand the iPod is sitting on, i would modify it to make a cheap home-made iPod dock.

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