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    iPod Classic getting held up between songs
    So I just got my hands on an 80 gig iPod classic and every once and a while I've noticed that (either shuffle or playing through an album) the iPod will start playing the next song then pause then continue playing again as if it's trying to catch up to itself. Sometimes it's worse and when playing the next song it will start playing pause then start playing again pause and skip completely over the song and begin playing the next one...

    I have tried wiping the drive completely and starting brand new, I've tried syncing the iPod with iTunes and adding songs manually and it seems to have no effect on it...

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Have you also reinstalled the iPod OS?

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    Could be an issue with the Hard Drive. Possibly a mechanical failure. Is it still under warranty? Might want to get it looked at if it is.

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