I thank all of you for your helpful posts. This is my first time posting a new thread; I appreciate any solid advice that any of you may have concerning this problem with my new iPod Classic.

I had this problem with the first unit that I bought about a week ago. Apple technical support told me that the iPod was defective and told me to exchange it for another one. This one has the same problem, so, I'm quite positive that I do not have a hardware issue.

I am using iTunes 9.0.2(25) on a new iMac running on Mac OS X 10.5.8.

The software on my iPod is version 2.0.3.

I have reset and restored my iPod 4 and 3 times respectively.

I have album artwork for every song on my iPod and in iTunes.

On the "iPod" menu I see options on a white background on the left half of the screen and graphics on the right half of the screen.

When "Music" (the first option) is highlighted, I see floating album artwork on the right half of the screen.

As I have no videos, photos, or podcasts loaded on my iPod, I see icons for each on the right half of the screen when they are selected.

THE PROBLEM: When I highlight, "Now Playing" at the bottom of the screen, I see the title of the current song scrolling from right to left about 3/4 of the way down the right half of the screen, the artist below that and the album title below that. HOWEVER, the top 3/4 of the right side of the screen should show the album artwork for the album currently playing, but it only shows the musical note icon. No matter how long I wait, the album artwork does not appear. When I press the center button on my iPod to select the "Now Playing" song, the album artwork appears on the right side of the correct screen with the album information on the right.

Apple technical support's product specialist cannot understand why this would be happening. He suggested that I return this unit as well and see if a third one might work properly. I think that such a suggestion is ridiculous and passive to the problem.

If anyone has any advice, I would be deeply appreciative. I've always wanted an iPod and don't want to have to return this one.

Thank you again,