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    Question IPOD Warranty/Replace,ent
    I have a 5G IPOD and it has defects. I've had it for just about 2 years now. Does anybody know what the warranty is like? I heard people have been sending in their old ones and getting the newer models back. Would I need receipts or warranty info - bc I didnt end up keeping any. Any ideas?? Thanks!

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    well the current iPods have a 1 year limited warranty which is what i believe they always have had

    i highly doubt people have sent back 1st and 2nd iPods and gotten 3rd gens back since there are storage size differences and major price differences.

    what type of defects do you have because if they are just from lots of use and carrying around then that is not even covered by warranty (which i believe you are out of)

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    Yeah most manufacturers do not have anything longer than a year for their warranty.. and even rarer.. two years.. any longer than that.. especially in the tech world.. you're not going to find it unless you shell out the bucks. It's the price you have to pay for wear and tear..

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