So, ive never owned an Ipod or mac anything in my life, and ive always used microsoft (my dad was big into them growing up). the only mp3 player ive ever used was a 4g sansa that i got maybe 4 or 5 years ago, the thing still works great to this day, but 4g wasnt enough, so i bought a 32g ipod touch to see what the craze was about.

overall, i think its a fantastic device, but i have a few questions that i cant seem to find the answers to.

1. if i bring my ipod with the cable to my friends house, can i get music off of his itunes library or vice versa? or can i take music off my ipod and put it on his computer? ive always been able to do this with windows media player and my sansa.

2. does the 3 generation ipod touch have a built in speaker? can i play music out loud with it? if i can, im not sure mine works properly, because so far i have yet to make it do that despite the numerous trys to.

3. this is kinda random, but when the ipod makes a back up of its self with the software updates, does this include the information thats stored in an application, for example, will the levels ive beaten on a game app be saved in the back up?