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    Question iPod MINI 2nd Gen. Battery Q
    Hi, I was lucky enough to get a 2nd Gen. iPod MINI for my birthday and I was really happy to read about its 18 hours of battery life, and even more pleased to read on a 3rd party website that they got it to last for 26 hours, but I don't think mine is lasting this long. How about you, how long does your 2nd gen. iPod MINI battery last? I'm just not sure if I'm being paranoid, I'm going to time it on factory settings with songs playing continously on shuffle and the hold button on. Please get back to me thanks.

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    When they say 18 hours, they mean 18 hours under the best conditions, ie... when the volume is significantly lowered, the backlight off, and the hard disk isn't being accessed every other song, etc.

    My U2 iPod lasts me all day (nine to five) plus some (even with the volume up a bit) so I'm content.

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