Hello all,
First time i have used this forum so forgive me if i post this in the wrong place.
I have recently bought a new macbook pro and have started to use my itunes library stored on an external HDD. Previously i used this external HDD on a Vista laptop.
Since syncing my ipod with my macbook pro all seemed well. That was until i checked the Itunes library folders on my Vista laptop. When i go into a particular album i cannot see the individual tracks. I have checked the size of my folder and it shows 30gb but each individual album folder shows as empty.
When i connect the HDD to my pro again i cannot see all of the tracks but they play through itunes.

Does anyone have any idea how this has happened and what i can do to be able to see my tracks on both Vista laptop and Mac.


P.S: Oh i am thinking of buying a time capsule an then sharing my itunes library between both laptops via itunes home share. Would this work?