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Thread: Upgrading Updates or Software

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    Question Upgrading Updates or Software
    Ok this is my question. My friend has a 120GB ipod classic an I really like how all the album art is scrollable like in itunes. Is there a way my 30GB (3rd Gen) can upgrade to this software without buying a new hard drive for it? Please let me know if this is possible because I really like that feature.


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    Cover Flow is pretty nifty, however, when Apple releases a new iPod type, the previous iPod type is now supported only by warranty. Updates after the newer iPod came out are RARE.

    (Ex. When your friends iPod Classic came out, your iPod, along with the 4th and 5th generations no longer receive software updates).

    It sucks I know.

    Be careful about running a new HDD with the new software- the internal board and its components may not function with the new software, rendering it useless. If you do use a new HDD, you'll have to get one that has the iPod Classic operating system on it.
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