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Thread: Ipod problems

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    Oct 12, 2009
    Ipod problems

    All of a sudden, my iPod can't display any of the files on it. Not by looking at the ipod itself or in itunes. I've tried several programs for copying the files to my computer, but none of them seem to work. Instead I've searched the net for information on how to do, and found the following thread: iPod can't display/play my songs anymore (Songs:0, Capacity: 37.1 gb, Available: 3.4) - iLounge Forums

    I've followed the instructions (set my ipod to disc mode and made invisible files visible (though on my mac instead) and have now started transferring the files. Here's a new problem, though. It stalls often. I've tried copying different folders, but with a lot of them, the same problem arises. It says it can't read the files.

    If I succeed in copying the files, what files would I have on my comp then? Can they be transferred directly back to my iPod after having deleted it?

    What do I do: I have a lot of music and podcasts etc. and no backup.

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    new prob.
    ...And during the process new problems have arised.

    After having restarted my mac as the transfer stalled, the ipod now does not figure on my mac. It can't be seen in either the finder, or in itunes. The computer does not register that it is plugged in. What do I do now? I can't try restarting my iPod as it is in disc mode.

    The Ipod seems to figure on my windows comp. Although with problems it does figure. It asks (in danish, so my translation may not be correct) "whether I want to reset my ipod to windows". After that a new message pops up: "Itunes have found an iPod, which seems to be damaged. You might have to reset this Ipod before being able to use it with iTunes. You can also try plugging it in again".

    Is this now my last solution to make the iPod work at all?

    I'm very frustrated now. It's only been a few months since I had a long discussion with apple after they had to replace my hd on my computer.

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    My iPod never shows up in the Finder anyway, just in iTunes, although it is supposed to do both.

    If it says that you have to reset your iPod, then I guess you have to.
    Can you get your iPod to start up?
    Also, what kind of iPod do you have?

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    It can start up. I've just let the battery run out, and are now awaiting it to regain power. The "problem" is that it is set to disc mode, in order to be able to do what i wrote in my first post. So i cannot control the iPod on the iPod itself.

    I have an iPod classic...

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    So... I let it run out of power, and now it has erased all the music, podcasts etc. on it, but seems to work. This time everything is really gone, since it now says that there are 74 gb free space.

    Now I have just reset it, to make sure that any malfunctions are gone.

    I guess my only option is to start all over again buying and downloading all music and podcasts that I had before?

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    So did all this happen after a new hard drive was put into your computer? Did you ever sync your iPod with your computer after the Hard drive change? If all your music is iTunes then just sync your iPod. For a future note if your iPod is connected to a Mac and running it is formatted for Mac and then if you connect it to a Windows machine it will reformat your iPod for Windows and you will lose all your stuff. I run my iTunes from an external drive and back up my purchases often as once lost they will have to be paid for again.
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